Pros and cons of aluminum solid panel

The aluminum solid panel is made of polymer technology, with no glue no smell, very strong, and hard to knock. So what are its pros and Cons? If you are interested, please read on!


Advantages of aluminum solid panel:

1) lightweight: the aluminum solid panel is mainly used an aluminum layer, foam layer, aluminum foil three-layer pressed, material

Light material, easy to handle, especially suitable for the ceiling.


2) simple installation: the aluminum solid panel is mainly flat seam, v-seam installation, installation is faster, two people with the installation can be. 3) insulation: aluminum solid panel has a rigid polyurethane foam layer, which is equivalent to a sound-proof wall. This material is polyurethane foam insulation for refrigerators and freezers.


aluminum solid panel

Disadvantages of aluminum solid panel:


1) shielded signal: the aluminum solid panel is made of aluminum, which is metal, and has metallic radiation, which is useful for home appliances

Device and mobile phone signal have an impact, home is ordinary router signal will be blocked unless it is an enterprise-class router.


2) no impact resistance: the hardness of the aluminum solid panel is directly related to the hardness of the aluminum and polyurethane foams on the surface.



Did you learn more about the aluminum solid panel after reading this? Aluminum Solid Panel produced by Sumingyou has the advantages of lightness, low density, high strength, and high stiffness, it has good seismic and shock absorption properties, good heat and sound insulation, good fire and moisture resistance, no pollution, energy saving, and environmental protection.